Thursday, April 16, 2009

Product Review - Silver Care Plus Self Sanitizing Toothbrush ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Silver Care Toothbrush
How do I love my Norwex Silver Care toothbrush? Let me count the ways. This is a seriously fantastic product. This is what one silver care user has to say about them:

"I'm generally prone to the kinds of recurring infections that cause colds, bronchitis, sinus problems, strep throat and the like - But in the 6 months since I got my beloved Silver Care toothbrush, I haven't had so much as a sore throat or sinus cold, let alone something as serious as strep or bronchitis. The Norwex toothbrush has totally blown me away!"
What you need to understand about your current toothbrush is this:
Every time you put your toothbrush in your mouth, the bristles touch all the bacteria living in there. That bacteria remains on your toothbrush even if you rinse it in scalding tap water, and the bacteria just sits there between brushings, growing and multiplying. Every time you brush your teeth, the bacteria that's been happily colonizing on your toothbrush gets re-introduced to your mouth. Then, as you brush, more bacteria from your mouth is deposited back onto your toothbrush. Yuck! But when I think about it, it's easy to see why I was getting sick over and over: I was re-infecting myself with my own toothbrush!

How does Norwex's Silver Care Plus Self Sanitizing Toothbrush work?

This is very clever, actually. The bristles of the self-sanitizing Silver Care toothbrush are embedded in the unique head plated with 99.9% pure silver. On contact with water, the silver head releases active silver ions that actually kill the bacteria.This antibacterial process is natural and continuous.

But is it a good toothbrush? Will it clean your teeth as well as a regular nylon brush?

Actually, because the bristles of the Silver Care toothbrush are made of microfiber, it cleans teeth much more effectively that a nylon-bristled toothbrush. The microfiber bristles are "grabby" but gentle, and are able to pick up more of the plaque and general yuck off your teeth than a regular nylon head.

Is the Silver Care toothbrush worth the money?

The Norwex Silver Care Plus toothbrush comes with 2 heads, and lasts a full year. Even if you are very hard on your toothbrush, one head will last the full six months.
NOTE: Silver does not contain nickel and is not an alloy. It does not leach at all nor does it come off the brush. Silver is considered to be hypo-allergenic.


Anonymous said...

I just started using my Norwex toothbrush and cannot believe the difference I feel on my teeth! The true test will definately be my next dental appointment but so far I LOVE this product!

Anonymous said...

I was given the toothbrunsh as a gift and was wondering it you can use regular toothpaste on it?

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