Thursday, April 16, 2009

Product Review - Norwex Dryer Balls

Norwex Dryer Balls

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Anonymous said...

Picture a ball inside a moving gerbil wheel... It will just spin in place. Now imagine an oval, and all the commotion it would cause in a gerbil wheel. That agitation would be more effective... At least it seems logical to me!

Anonymous said...

The concept is that round things will continue in an established pattern, whereas oval objects bounce in random patterns, thus mixing up your laundry better and decreasing the dry time.

Anonymous said...

Another reason I heard of for the oval shape is that round balls more easily end up trapped inside sleeve and oval ones are less likely to.

Pea said...

Norwex dryer balls are also softer and not hard plastic like most dryer balls that you can buy in the stores. Those hard dryer balls are loud and Norwex balls are much quieter! less annoying to tenants :)

Anonymous said...

I love my Norwex dryer balls. I used to buy fabric softner for my clothes. Now I don't. I started using them because they said that they would keep my clothes soft without the perfume smell of fabric softners, which was causing me to have headaches. My headaches are gone because of these great Norwex products.

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